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Moskus safari

Musk ox Safari

Nature experience

On this tour you will experience Norway's most exotic animals up close



We arrange guided muskox safaris every day throughout the year. We walk through wonderful scenery. In addition to experiences related to Europe's only wild and healthy muskox population, you also have the opportunity to see birds, other animals and a unique flora!

The tour will normally last from 3 to 6 hours.

Outside the tourist season, you must notify us one or two days in advance.

Summer sesong from 01 May - 30 oktober

Price for a muskoxsafari: Adults NOK 600, children under 13 years NOK 300.

Winter sesong from 01 November - 30 April

Price 1200 kr pr person.


We also arrange moose safaris. The moose is Scandinavia's largest, but perhaps also the most scared animal. Therefore, these trips always begin when people go to sleep in the evening, or when we gather in front of the TV.

You can join moosesafaris from the beginning of May to end September.

We drive car (Your own car, if you have one...) in areas with a lot of moose. The tour takes between 2 and 4 hours.


Adults NOK 450, children under 13 years NOK 230


Norwegian animals are normally never dangerous to people, but it often happens  WE are  - for the animals!


Stefan Fabritz



Hallvard Fjeldsetnes

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Taught by the caretaker "Ivasengin". First meeting with muskox 1948 on Hjerkinn st. Habil cleans hunter, fishing and hiking lover. University, Norway, USA and Germany.


Kristin Kletthammer

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